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Pauline Murray is our very experienced Early Years Service leader. Pauline uses the Dina School and Incredible Years programme to prepare children in the best possible way for junior infants. This programme places huge emphasis on encouraging positive behaviours such as taking turns, listening to each other and building confidence and self-esteem.  This service is avaiable to children between 2 years and 8 months old (ECCE eligible) and 6 years old.  We have an Outdoor Play area and children in the EYS also have access to our school Garden and Astro Turf facility.  As our Early Years Service is on site in our school building it prepares children extremely well and eases the transition to junior infants. By the end of the child's year in our Early Years Service they know the building, the staff, the other children and the school routine. This is a huge advantage come September and the significant step up to 'big school'.

Opening hours:
840am to 12pm Monday to Friday

ECCE scheme places available
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